Address by Chairman of the Management Board

Impressive results were achieved due to a well-coordinated and efficient team focused on the development of the Company and the achievement of its goals

Dear readers! Let me greet you and present the results of KazAgroFinance JSC in 2018.

The past year was successful for the Company; we achieved sustainable growth for all key performance indicators.

KazAgroFinance JSC leased out 3,426 units of agricultural machinery for a total value of 63 billion tenge. Significant growth in investment, while maintaining the satisfactory quality of the loan portfolio, made it possible to reach a historical profit volume at year-end 2018 in the amount of 6.7 billion tenge.

In order to keep boosting the quality of services, the Company continued to introduce customer-oriented service standards, streamlined internal paperwork procedures, and updated and expanded a line of service.

One of the most important occasions in 2018 for KazAgroFinance JSC was the decision of the State Economic Modernization Commission to exclude the Company from the list of privatizable assets. This decision evidences that KazAgroFinance JSC is an important component in the delivery of state agricultural policy.

The forthcoming year will be heralded with the summing-up of the Company’s business over a 20-year period. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Shareholder – “KazAgro” National Management Holding, partners and colleagues for constructive cooperation and support. Over the years, the Company’s management and staff have done a great job, which helped KazAgroFinance JSC have a positive impact on the economy of Kazakhstan.

In 2019, the Company will continue to focus on making sure agricultural producers nationwide continue to enjoy good leasing services. We are serious about accomplishing all the objectives and plans that the Development Strategy has put forward. The target volume of machinery and equipment leases in 2019 is 62.0 billion tenge. We will continue to take care of financial performance, such as ROA, ROE and NPL, in order to keep them at an acceptable level. The Company is planning to keep increasing the number of existing users, and the level of availability of services and customer satisfaction. It will continue to work on corporate governance.

Kanysh Izbastin
Chairman of the Board of KazAgroFinance JSC